Who are we?

KEN ZORNIAK, CEO, President and Producer

Ken Zorniak specializes in strategic management of large creative operations. He creates innovative solutions to management and production challenges including developing proprietary technology to deliver high level customer service. As co-founder of Frantic Films and Executive Producer of the visual effects division, Ken worked on a number of Hollywood Studio feature film projects. Prior to selling the visual effects and software divisions to Prime Focus, Frantic Films was one of the leading innovators in Canada for photo realistic visual effects.

JEFF BELL, COO, Producer, and Visual and Computer Graphics Supervisor

Jeff Bell combines expertise in both Art and Computer Science to enable creative and clever solutions to challenging production problems. Recent credits include feature films such as Tim Burton's "9", and IDT Entertainment's Everyone's Hero as Visual FX Supervisor and CG Supervisor, and Producer of Emma's Wings – A Bella Sara Tale. His co-development and management of proprietary Project and Asset tracking systems have enabled the production of four feature films and numerous episodic and direct to DVD programs.

PHYLLIS LAING, Senior VP and Executive Producer

Phyllis Laing established Buffalo Gal Pictures in 1994. Recent feature film credits include the Canada/Spain co-production Cry/Fly currently in post-production; All the Wrong Reasons (2013), co-produced with Shore Road Pictures in Halifax; the Canada/Norway feature film, Mad Ship (2012); and Guy Maddin's award-nominated Keyhole (2011). Phyllis also executive produced the celebrated Canadian TV series Less Than Kind for HBO Canada.

Our Advantage

Treaty Co-Production

  • We are experienced users of Canada’s Co-Production treaties with various jurisdictions.
  • We have a dedicated business and legal affairs unit that can manage all aspects of treaty co-productions.

Canadian Broadcast Licenses

  • We have significant relationships with all Canadian broadcasters as a result of supplying original content.
  • We have a well-established brand and reputation for creativity, collaboration and reliability.

Highly competitive tax credit support for all content

  • Canadian federal tax credits are labour-based and can contribute more than 10% of a budget.
  • Manitoba provincial film and TV tax credits are among the most generous anywhere worldwide – up to 65% of the labour on a project.
  • In our experience, because of the labour intensive nature of animation, up to 50% of a budget can be covered by the combined federal and provincial tax rebates.
  • Manitoba also offers a tax credit of 40% on Manitoba labour used to create interactive digital media assisting creation of either standalone or multiplatform digital content.

Public and Private Funds for Content

  • A Canadian broadcast licence may make a treaty co-production eligible for the Canada Media Fund that offers support for development and production of both TV and interactive digital media.
  • The Bell Fund is a large private fund that contributes to interactive digital media creation associated with a broadcast program.

More Information

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Tangent Animation is a subsidiary of Tangent Studios Inc.